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You understand how important it is to have well-designed, deliberately crafted communication. An effective website design, a clear and concise presentation design, and a consistent visual brand. Why? Because it resonates with your audience. However, while you may be an expert in your own business, you certainly never signed up to become a presentation designer or a web developer!

You need someone who can help you navigate the technical specifics without spouting a ton of jargon. Someone who wants to empower you to become an expert user of these tools, without getting bogged down in the details of whether you need a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, or which WordPress themes or plugins you need to make your site run. Someone who is as excited as you are about solving your problems and building a solution that can grow with you.

I help you spend less time putting things together and more time doing what’s important, like running your business, non-profit, or organization. I believe in getting technology out of the way of your content, and making it easy for you to publish or communicate your message. Whether it’s a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation design with custom templates, or a WordPress website built to manage your specific content, let me take care of the medium so you can take care of the message. I’ve worked with clients here in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as across the world, and I am excited to help you!

You have an established team doing good work for enthusiastic clients, but you sometimes need outside talent to complement your internal resources. Or, you’re on your own, doing projects you love for clients that value your expertise, but would love to expand the services you can offer. Either way, you want an established relationship with a Graphic Designer or Front-End WordPress Developer that you can collaborate with on projects when the need arises.

I help fill those needs, whether it is addressing a gap in your talent offerings, supplementing existing team members, or providing a complementary skillset. I’ve worked alongside other independent professionals, alongside teams in an agency, and as a specialist in a corporate setting. As both a designer and a front-end developer, I also enjoy being a translator between disciplines, bringing design sensibilities to development projects, and development methodologies to the design process.

I believe in approaching every project, whether it is User Interface design, Visual Design, or Front-End Development, from a deliberate content and user centric focus. I thrive on exploring all the details, solving problems collaboratively with clients and team members, and producing a thoughtfully designed and built solution crafted to delight both the audience and the content manager. Whether you are local to Minneapolis, Minnesota, or anywhere else in the world, let’s collaborate!

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