Collaborative Writing: Building Your First Theme

The trials and tribulations of learning WordPress theme development for the first time have a special place in my heart. As a person without a formal development background trying to do it for the first time, I remember how hard it was to grasp concepts just from reading the WordPress Codex or looking at existing… Read More

ABC Guide to Doing More with WordPress

So you’ve got a WordPress site. Maybe it’s for your business, maybe it’s for a client. You know your way around pages and posts, have played with all your settings, maybe even modified a theme or a child theme. But you want to do more with your site: maybe add some more complex functionality, maybe… Read More

5 Tips for Rocking an Educational Presentation

Here at the Marktime Media home offices, we’ve been in hardcore WordCamp mode. I just returned from the amazing WordCamp Boston where I attended as a speaker (surrounded by gorgeous New England fall weather), and I’ll soon be off to WordCamp Orlando where I’ll be acting as a last-minute speaker substitution. In between, I’ve been… Read More

Disrupting the WordPress Commercial Theme Marketplace

I just got back from Pressnomics, a fantastic WordPress business conference put on in Tempe, AZ by the folks at If you know me, you know that I am constantly attending new conferences, because I love the opportunity to learn and connect, and this one did not disappoint. This past week contained some of… Read More

Get Your WPGeek On: WordPress Podcast Resource

It’s no secret that I spend probably more time than I would like in my car, whether that’s in rush hour traffic taking two hours to go twenty miles, or heading across the country to visit friends, family, clients, or WordCamps (or the best trips where you do all four at once!) I’m a big… Read More

Five Tips To Improve Your Conference Experience

I often joke that my real job is “attending conferences and meetups,” which you may have heard if you’ve seen me introduce myself at an event. While obviously that’s not exactly true, I do usually find myself attending at least one conference per month (usually a WordCamp or something in the design and technology field)… Read More

Redesigning the WordPress Template Hierarchy

UPDATE: Template Hierarchy graphic has been updated to include all the new and removed templates since version 4.4, including oEmbeds and the new Post/Page Template workflow. And of course, hop on over to ¬† to see this graphic in action! As a person with a passion for infographics and simplifying the display of data, I… Read More