The Good Client Guide: How To Give Great Feedback

Part of a series exploring WordPress web development from a client perspective, here we discuss how to give effective and meaningful feedback to your web designer or developer, which all parties will find useful and productive.

Disrupting the WordPress Commercial Theme Marketplace

I just got back from Pressnomics, a fantastic WordPress business conference put on in Tempe, AZ by the folks at If you know me, you know that I am constantly attending new conferences, because I love the opportunity to learn and connect, and this one did not disappoint. This past week contained some of… Read More

Creative Freelancers: Who Is On Your Team?

Being a creative freelancer is exciting. Not only do you have the independence and flexibility to make your own decisions, like what clients you have or what hours you work, but you get to do something FUN for a living! That’s not to say freelancing isn’t a lot of hard work- we all know that… Read More

5 Keys to Working Remotely from Anywhere

It’s been a big year of travel for us here at Marktime Media, with events and jobs taking us all over the country, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and dozens of places in the greater Chicagoland area. In fact, this week we are currently shooting a series of video packages in Alabama. It… Read More

Your Website Is Smarter Than Your Presentation

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a masterclass by Edward Tufte, a person I have long respected for his absolute mastery of the display of information and data. Being able to spend an entire day listening to someone whose books I have read is always an extremely enlightening experience, and this… Read More

Content Before Process

How many times have you begun to brainstorm a new creative project (or started writing a creative brief for a project) by starting with the question, “How can we use X to convey Y?” It could be something like, “How can we use video to introduce our company?” or “How can we use a graphic… Read More

Five Tips To Improve Your Conference Experience

I often joke that my real job is “attending conferences and meetups,” which you may have heard if you’ve seen me introduce myself at an event. While obviously that’s not exactly true, I do usually find myself attending at least one conference per month (usually a WordCamp or something in the design and technology field)… Read More